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Last updated 4:23 PM on 9 February 2013

Occasionally it may be necessary for families to go on holidays or for students to be absent for an extended period of time during the school term. 

Most absences, whilst are best avoided, are necessary for the family. We are endeavouring to initiate a roll monitoring program where these absences do not count on your child's record. Absences for reasons such as: medical(whooping cough, measles, family visits to the doctor, dentist, paediatrician, etc), exceptional circumstances(floods, funerals, family holidays, etc) apply here.

 These absences will be able to be granted as exemptionfrom attendance.

 To ensure this exemptionis granted the Department Of Education has requested that the school  (Principal or office staff) be informed of the absence beforehand. The school will then ensure that the necessary paper work is completed.