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Last updated 2:57 PM on 23 August 2012


"Get Smart"operation is a joint attendance initiative between the Department of Education and Communities and the NSW Police. The operation takes place once per term and targets students whose school attendance is of concern.


It is compulsory that students between the ages of 6 and 17 attend school each day the school is open for instruction. An explanation (by note, phone call or interview) for any absence, including late arrival, is required and must be received by the school within 7 days of the absence.


Our school will be taking part in the Get Smart initiative, teams of DEC personnel and Police will visit families of children with attendance concerns, encouraging them to maintain regular attendance.  During this time they will also be conducting  streetbeats where they will be interviewing compulsory school aged students to establish why they are absent from school.

The purpose of the Get Smart initiative is to support students to engage in education, encourage regular attendance, monitor truancy and communicate with families.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding school attendance please contact Matthew Knowles at the school.