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Last updated 2:35 PM on 6 February 2018

House Captains


Congratulations to the following House Captains elect for 2018:

Cunningham -      Captains -      Abby Ryan and Henry Johnson

                        Vice Captains -  Ray-Lynn Davison and Luke Mackenzie

Oxley  -                 Captains -      Anna Schier and Kyle Welsh

                        Vice Captains -  Lillian Green and Andrew Dinsey

Phillip -                 Captains -      Madeline Eason and Will Morris

                        Vice Captains -  Rebecca Gaff and Tyler Edwards

Sturt -                   Captains -      Jessica Keogh and Jasper Schembri

                        Vice Captains -  Brooke Harland and Alex Sutherland -Tink